Shawn Hester Golf               2-time New England PGA Teacher of the Year
                                        Recognized by Golf Digest as the #1 teacher in Massachusetts (2005, 2013) 

Find a swing that works for YOU!

Shawn Hester Golf

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Make 2017 the year you take your game to the next level!

Teaching Philosophy:
  • It's important to find a natural motion the player can repeat.
  • The fewer changes, the better. 
  • Golf swings are like fingerprints, no two are exactly alike. Each player is unique and must be taught accordingly.
  • I need to understand my student's intentions before I can coach them in a positive direction.
  • Trust and mutual respect are key ingredients to a successful long-term relationship.
  • I am not a method teacher
Teaching Principles: 
  • Solid Contact
  • Create Ball Speed
  • Grip of the club is slightly in front of the clubhead at impact
  • Head is behind the ball at impact
  • For a right-handed golfer, there is no lateral motion outside the right foot during the backswing. The right hip turns inside the right foot.
  • The feet use the ground for resistance and leverage.
  • The downswing begins from the ground up.
  • The legs and arms both straighten and lengthen as part of the striking motion. This extension of the legs and arms is a power source.
  • The clubface should remain square to the swing arc as much as possible. Excessive clubface rotation reduces consistency and solid contact.

Contact Shawn to schedule a lesson: 508-344-5335 cell/text or email: